Product Care

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We take pride in the quality and longevity of our creations and want to ensure that your product lasts for generations. Notes on caring for your rugs are provided below:



Fluff that will initially form with traffic over the carpet can be picked up or vacuumed away.  This will continue for some time but will taper off.


1: Too much vacuuming causes continuous “agitation”  for the carpet and tends to encourage fluffing. 

  • Mohair carpets may be vacuumed once a week or when needed.  They can also be lightly swept with a light brush, and the fringes brushed in one direction.

  • Vacuum with suction and no hard brush action on the vacuum. Soft brush is ok.  To avoid agitation non-brush suction vacuuming is recommended


2: The carpet is reversible and can easily be flipped over to the other side.  There will be a change in the pattern but both sides are designed to be used.


3: Due to their high lanolin Mohair Rugs do not stain easily and spills can be washed or dabbed away with cold or hot water and a mild detergent.  Do not use bleach or use carpet cleaning products that contain bleach as they may cause the carpet to "yellow".

  • Rug is naturally self-wicking and anti-stain so dabbing on any spills is most recommended.  

  • Fringe should always be brushed forward, neatly in one direction.




Hand wash gently in lukewarm water.  Lie flat to dry, out of direct sunlight.  Cool iron. Vacuum or brush with a soft, damp brush to remove excess hair for daily maintenance.


Dry clean only, no moisture should be incorporated into the cleaning solvent.  Lightly steam with dry steam only.


Hand wash gently in lukewarm water.  Lie flat to dry, do not tumble dry.  Do not iron or use chlorine-based bleach.